Steplift’s Bespoke Products

Steplift have a large portfolio of customised and bespoke products. These are products that have been customised to our customers specifications.

Below you find a collection of our unique products. If you have any requests or need a specific build just get in touch with us here in the office.

manual handling equipment ireland

Steplift’s Server Management System

Steplift have designed a complete Server Management System for the use of Data Centers around the world. It provides you with the ability to remove servers from the racking system with ease and a tug machine and attachment that will allow you to move your racking system around effortlessly.

By utilising both Steplift, Hovmand and MoveXX products we were able to come up with a safe and effective solution to the never ending issues of server and rack management.

Mini-Keg Hand Truck

The Mini-Keg Truck is similar to the keg truck but has a different customisation allowing you to carry up to three of the Sixth Barrel kegs at once.

Jack ‘n’ Roll

The Jack ‘N’ Roll is a two-unit moving system where you strap one dolly to each end of a load. Built to move loads up to two tonnes from one place to another. The ideal product for moving loads that have no wheels, for example safes, fridges, and vending machines to name but a few.

Bouncy Castle Hand Truck

The Bouncy Castle Trucks are a big seller here in Steplift. With the simple addition of Side extensions and a large toe plate it makes the delivery and collection of Bouncy Castles an effortless job

Film Trucks

The film industry is constantly growing in Ireland. This is why Steplift have started designing and building unique and application specific hand trucks for film studios.

We are open to designing more in the future so don’t hesitate in getting in touch with any queries.

This bespoke hand truck was built using magliner parts. Built for a film studio in Dublin. It has three rigid trays on it. Each tray has 5 holes in it to hook bungie cords into it so that the can harness down product and move safely.

This hand truck again is built using mostly Magliner parts, however has an extra two wheels on the front. The platform has a matt on top for extra grip for it’s load.