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Steplift Solutions: The Courtyard Film Studio

Magliner Hand trucks

Problem: Back in 2014 The Courtyard Film Studio came to us requiring a Magliner Film Truck customised for their specific film equipment. The application was to move heavy and valuable equipment across rough terrain.

They required brakes on the front wheels for increased control of the fragile load and an accessory bag for scripts/documents.

Solution: We provided them with this solution. Not only did we provide a specific truck for this application, but we provided five different customised film trucks for the transport of their various pieces of film equipment over the past four years. We asked Jack Prendergast from The Courtyard Film Studio about his experience with Steplift and our customised solutions, He had this to say:

“Steplift has designed and manufactured five hand trucks specific to our needs. Their trucks are hardwearing and manoeuvrable enough to allow us to work quickly and effectively without ever letting us down. In the last four years, the only maintenance that has been needed, was simply pumping up the tyres

We’ve purchased five trucks from Steplift over four years and the staff really go the extra mile to make sure you’re getting exactly what you want”

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