Motorised Stairclimbers

Steplift pride themselves on their motorised stairclimbers. We have a huge range and choice of top quality stairclimbers.

Sano Liftkar Sal Range

Sano motorised stairclimbers

Sano’s range of motorised stairclimbers start with the Sal range. With four differently designed stair climbers, it is one of the most versatile stairclimbers out there.

Sano Liftkar HD

Sano LiftKar HD Universal

Sano’s HD range is the follow up to their Sal range. It is of a very similar design however it has a larger capacity making it more useful for people who like the feel of a Sal but have larger loads.

Sano MTK 310

Sano MTK 310

Perfect for bulky goods such as stoves, safes, and vending machines. An additional automatic brake is fitted as standard to the main wheels to guarantee safe and controlled handling of heavy loads

Escalera Stairclimber

The Escalera Stairclimber is American made with a huge capacity. Ideal for carrying heavy large loads up and down stairs. It comes in two sizes and has been around for close to 20 years.