Movexx are an innovative Dutch company. They have made something really special and revolutionary with this range of pollution free, effort free towing and pushing machines. Most come with replaceable batteries for around the clock shifts allowing you to get the most out of your day. Another benefit being that they take the pressure of you, or your work force allowing easy manoeuvrability of products from A to B and are fully CE certified.

All machines require the load it is moving to be on wheels and no matter the attachment, we can customise it to suit your needs.

All machines come with set extras; however, there is a wide range of additional optional extras allowing Movexx to customise the machine to your application and needs.



The T1000 is the ideal companion for you if you need to move anything on wheels up to 1000 Kg. It is a innovative makes it possible for this machine to work around the clock using replaceable batteries.



The T1500 is the T1000’s big brother, very much in line with the same design only a little bulkier and with an increase in capacity. Allowing you to move anything up to 1500 Kg.



The T2500 is the next step up. These machines can tow/push a load up to 2500 Kg. If you have needs up to this weight this really is the machine for you. Designed a little bit differently but let me tell you it will get the job done.

T1000 Cleanroom


The T1000 Cleanroom is Movexx’s smallest cleanroom machine. This is perfect for use in all clean room units and laboratories. It is constructed completely from stainless steel to quite a sleek design. However this machine does not have a replaceable battery, making it a single shift device.

T1000 RVS


The T1000 RVS is another one of Movexx’s clean room range. Ideal again for clean room areas and laboratories. This machine however has the capability of doing around the clock shifts with the option of replaceable batteries.

T1500 Cleanroom


The next step up in the clean room range, the T1500 clean room is another stainless steel designed tow/push machine. It comes with the option of replaceable batteries and can move up to 1500 Kg.

All Movexx’s Clean Room products can be fully certified under the ATEX EU Directive 94/9/EC. This would ensure that they are safe to work and use in an explosive environment.

T1000 Basic


The T1000 Basic is the first in the range of Movexx machines. This machine has a load capacity of 1000 Kg, and comes with a simple design, but works on a single shift system.



The T6000. The mother of all Movexx machines. This can carry a massive 6 tons. With a similar design to the T2500 and T3500 this machine is the top of the range in weight capacity giving nothing short of innovative genius.



The T3500 is the second largest machine in the Movexx range with a huge load capacity of 3 and a half tons. If you have heavy vats or anything that you need to have moved and is a health and safety concern for the people moving it, this machine will certainly get the job done without breaking a sweat.

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Movexx Goes One Step Further

After all the standard designed models which you see above, Movexx have gone one step further and designed a number of top quality towing machines to suits all aspects of work. With platform machines, sit-on machines, pallet machines. Any problems you have they will find you a solution.  

T1000 P


The Movexx T1000P can pull a weight up to 1000 Kg. With an inbuilt hydraulic jack and ball joint for lifting the attachment it’s hooking on to. Great for lifting and pulling trolleys with wheels on only one end.

T1000 Platform


This is the smallest of the platform machines allowing for easy use. The operator can simply stand on the machine and off they goes. This allows for an effortless delivery system, especially over long distances.

T1000 D


The Movexx T1000 D can pull weights up to 1000 Kg. It is designed differently to most other Movexx machines with it’s capacity. This is to give it extra balance and traction for the loads it is supporting.

T2500 Cleanroom


The T2500 Cleanroom is the largest cleanroom machine in the Movexx range. Allowing a massive two and a half tonne capacity. Ideal for moving around large vats in pharmaceuticals among other things.

T2500 Scooter


The ride on scooter is perfect for big factories when moving loads from one end to the other. This machine is also available in two other sizes: 3500 kg & 6000 kg capacity.

T2500 Platform


The T2500 Platform is the next platform machine with a load capacity of 2500 Kg. It is easy and effortless to use and is great for improving a businesses turnaround. It increases productivity and reduces operator fatigue.



The AGV1000 is Movexx’s automated towing maching. It works by following a track built into the ground and follows it around your factory stopping at the necessary ports of call allowing you to add to its load.



The P300 is a similar product to the M-Runner, although it is custom built to your application. This Machine allows you to roam around picking up products as you go. Simple and effective design.

M-Runner, M500


The M-Runner is a unique machine in the Movexx range. It is ideal if you are working in a warehouse and you need to get from one end to the other and have to pick up several products along the way. There is two racks with storage space and a platform for the driver to stand on. Ideal for long distances.


AGV2500 (5)

The AGV’s larger option. This has a larger capacity and if you have big needs, this machine will deliver big for you. Automated to your needs.


one2move_10 (1)

Movexx’s one2move is a machine built solely for waste management. Ideal for lifting heavy bins and moving them from A to B. It takes the load off your hands .

Steplift’s MoveXX Sub-Dealers

O’Neill Brothers Fabrication are one of Steplift’s Movexx dealers in Ireland.

For more information on the Movexx range try check out Movexx Netherlands