Steplift's Jack 'n' Roll is a heavy duty moving system designed for easy movement of safes, vending machines and furniture. It has a capacity of 1,800 Kg.

General Details

Jack ‘n’ Roll

The Jack ‘n’ Roll is a two unit moving system where you strap one dolly to each end of a load. It is quick and easy to use and is capable of safely moving all types of loads.

With the Jack ‘n’ Roll the potential of injury to personnel or damage to the load is significantly reduced. Loads are easily maneuvered in very tight areas. Each feature of the design of the Jack ‘n’ Roll has been constructed according to the needs of the customer.

Jack ‘n’ Roll comes with a smooth hydraulic action with a seperate hydraulic ram which raises and lowers loads carefully without and gently without causing damage to the floor.

The strapping system makes it impossible for the load to slip off the toe plate.

Great advantages of Jack ‘n’ Roll:

  • Great for navigating tight spaces.
  • Unique stability control when a wheel goes over the edge of a steps (it’s unique 6 caster design gives it this excellent feature)
  • It can slip under low overheads and through door ways.
  • You can adjust for uneven entryway.
Technical Information

Jack ‘n’ Roll Specifications

Frame Size 220 x 555 x 820mm (Length x Width x Height)
Toe Plate Size 125 x 474mm (Length x Width)
Capacity 2000Kg
Weight 78Kg
Number of Casters 6 x 4” Casters
Caster Capacity 360Kg per Caster
Safety System 2 x 2” Self-lock Ratchet
Strap Material Nylon Webbing
Padding Non-marking Urethane
Hydraulics 2 x 2 Ton Rehobot Hydraulic Jacks with Safety Valve

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