Prestar’s world renowned platform trolleys. Considered one of the best around you really have to look no further if you are looking for platform trolleys. This prestar platform trolley comes with non-marking silent wheels and a protective rubber side to stop it from marking or damaging walls.

General Details

Prestar 300kg Shelf Trolley

Prestar 300kg Shelf Trolley’s are proudly made in Japan with durability and reliability you can depend on. These trucks are made with high quality ball bearings and an anti-skid mat to stabilise loads up to 300kg. The 2 shelves make this trolley perfect for efficient distribution of goods. Other features include:

Transport loads with peace of mind.
The corners of the cargo platform are curved on the sides and protected with soft rubber bumpers to absorb shocks in case of a collision when transporting loads.

Silent casters for reduced noise.
Models equipped with low noise casters are available for work situations where avoiding noise is important,such as transporting cargo in offices or at night.It is made of reinforced plastic to prevent corrosion and allow use in food processing plants,and the like.

Technical Data
Loaded weight: 300kg

Platform dimensions: 910x610mm

Floor height: 210mm

Wheel diameter: 130mm

Net weght: 28.5kg

Availability loading surface: 855x610mm

External dimensions: 950x610mm

Handle height: 950mm

Availability shelf gap: 500mm

Gap between supports:805x515mm


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