The battery-powered Impact 70 is simple but very efficient due to how it handles, lifts and moves loads of up to 70kg. This lifter is equipped with a Commander fingertip control switchgear, which makes it easy to operate from many positions and includes a safety clutch for additional protection.

The Impact 70 also offers the opportunity of combining four different leg types with three mast heights and more than 15 different tools.

Type 70S 70L 70M
Capacity (kg) 70 70 70
Lifting Height (mm) 985 1285 1685
Mast Height (mm) 1225 1517 1917
Speed (mm/sec) 125 125 125
Batteries (voltage/AH) 24/7.2 24/7.2 24/7.2
Weight (Kg) 27 28 30

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