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The T2500 is designed to easily tow up to 2500kg in an environment in which carts already have a hook or folding hook, though it can be expanded with a lifting module to use for carts without a hook.

The T2500 is sleek, easy to maintain and can be equipped with an exchangeable battery system making it our industry workhorse, so let it do all the work for you.

Fully CE certified compliant to European Standards. 

DRIVER DC motor 24V, 600W
REGULATOR: Speed and acceleration are freely programmable. Max. speed 8 Km/Hour
BATTERY: Build in, 24 Volt, 80 Ah
CHARGER: Internal, 10 Amp
TIRES: Massif round 250 x 85 mm
WEIGHT: 256 kg total
FRAME: Steel, Electro deposited and powdercoated
SIZE: 505W x 755L mm
HANDLE HEIGHT: 700-1255 mm
STANDARD PROVIDED WITH: Basic hook, Battery indicator, Batterycharger, Battery, CE- mark, Adjustable handle, Second speed, Electric Brake
OPTIONS: Horn,Special hooks, Ignition with keys, etc

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