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The Liftkar HD Fold Dolly allows for easy manoeuvring of the stairclimber and load across the ground and then folds away when you need to climb a set of stairs. As with all models in the HD range, this motorised stairclimber has 2 speed options and has a load capacity of up to 360kg.

The HD Fold Dolly is an investment that pays for itself very quickly, where a number of people would have been required before, you’ll only need one making transport operations safer and much more efficient.

Type HD Fold Dolly 220 HD Fold Dolly 330 HD Fold Dolly 360
Weight  43,5kg 43,5kg  43,5kg
Weight (w/battery) 47,5kg 47,5kg 47,5kg
Climbing speed


approx. 15 approx. 10 approx. 10
Load Capacity 220kg 330kg 360kg

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