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The Sano Liftkar Sal Fold is your ideal companion to handle the most awkward of transport jobs safely without straining your back. This motorised Stairclimber has been designed to ensure the load is kept balanced, whether it’s tall oxygen cylinders or a bulky stack of chairs, and can carry loads of up to 170kg.

The Sano Liftkar Sal Fold is easy to use and has no trouble handling steep and spiral staircases.


Type Fold 170 Fold 140 Fold 110
Weight  16kg 16kg  16kg
Weight (w/battery) 20kg 20kg 20kg
Climbing speed


approx. 48 approx. 35 approx. 29
Max Step Height 210 mm 210 mm 210 mm
Max Load


170kg 170kg 170kg

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