Steplift’s Server Management System

Steplift have created and designed a Complete Data Server Management System.

With the rise in Data Centres in Ireland there has been a demand in a system that can safely move a whole racking system, without having to push it yourself as some of these racking systems can weight up to 1,500 Kg or more.  Secondly, in order to lift and move the  servers into place on the racking system alongside Hovmand we have created a complete range of lifters that can lift up to 200Kg servers up to two metres high and safely mount them into the rack. This takes the work off the operator.

With both these products in effect, moving and managing your Server Rack Moving System will become less daunting and will save you time and money on the installation process.


Rack Easy Mover

Rack Easy Mover

The Rack Easy Mover is an attachment that was designed and built for the MoveXX T1500 Drag machine. It wraps around a rack and can move it around with ease. It’s huge capacity of above 1.5 tons with the electric tug machine make it easy and effortless to move racks.

O’Neill Bros Ramp


This ramping system is the most complete ramp for managing server racks. It lets the operator move servers on and off pallets with ease. With a capacity of two ton and a completely modular design, it gives the operator a vital product that will never lose its value.

Hovmand Server Lifters

manual handling equipment ireland

Working alongside Hovmand, Steplift present to you a complete range of electric server and UPS lifters. The lifters range from a capacity of 70Kg right up to 200Kg. Each lifter can be customised to suit the operator’s needs making them an essential addition to any data centre.