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The Only Stairclimbing Training In Ireland

From the beginning Steplift Limited always provided Certified Training with the various Stairclimbers. We provide Stairclimbers with various weight capacities for different applications and so understand that selling Stairclimbers to our customers also means Training needs to be provided on how to use these pieces of equipment in a proper manner. Stairclimbers being used incorrectly and inappropriate could lead to unnecessary accidents.

Bernard Ryan is the FETAC Level 6 Qualified Trainer and provides an individual practical course. He completed a Train the Trainer Course many years ago and proceeded to then go on and successfully build his own course on how to effectively and safely operate a motorised stairclimber. Based on over 20 years of experience and knowledge, his course provides the operatives with an in-depth understanding of how to safely and competently use a motorised stairclimber.

This Training Course with Bernard will bring operatives to the next level. Certificates and Licence Cards are provided to all successful candidates upon completion.

Points to Note:

  • There is a minimum of 2 attendees and a maximum of 4 attendees for the training course.
  • Training charge is €150 per person – per Stairclimber.
  • Free training is provided for 2 people with the Sale of a motorised Stairclimber from Steplift Ltd.
  • Training is provided on Steplift Premises, if off-site training is required, travel costs will apply.
  • Pre-Booking for training courses in advance is essential and can only be arranged and confirmed with Steplift directly.
  • Payment for Training must be on or prior to the course date.

In the interest of Health & Safety many of our customers can be asked for their Stairclimbing Certificates of Training or Licence Card on site for the use of the Stairclimbers. Health and safety is a major concern for all employers and employees and to avoid disruption to operations on site, or misuse of equipment, it is advisable to have all users certified for the use of motorised stairclimbers.

If you would like to avail to one of our training courses carried out please contact Steplift directly by completing the below form;


    Please note there is a maximum of 4 people, that can attend a course for safety reasons.

    N.B There is a surcharge of €150 for any/each additional people that attend on the day.