Magliner Hand Trucks

Special Application Trucks

Below you will find a selection of our popular Special Application Trucks. With a wide range of choice, we can provide for almost all of your needs.

Self Stabilizing Hand Truck

The Self Stabilizing Hand Truck is a new innovative design where Rotacaster and Magliner joined forces to create a hand truck that simply has no match.

4 Bottle Water Truck

The 4 Bottle water truck is an excellently crafted hand truck which is ideal for delivery men who have to deliver water bottles every day.

5 Bottle Water Hand Truck

The 5 Bottle Water Truck is the larger of the two which lets the driver deliver more water in less time. Increasing his/her productivity.

Bouncy Castle Truck

The Bouncy Castle Trucks are a big seller here in Steplift. With the simple addition of Side extensions and a large toe plate it makes the delivery and collection of Bouncy Castles an effortless job

Keg Truck

The Keg Hand Truck. Self explanatory in itself, this unique hand truck is perfect for bars or delivery men. With huge amounts of kegs to deliver on a daily basis this can take the load off you back and onto the truck.

Mini-Keg Truck

Mini-Keg Truck

The Mini-Keg Truck is similar to the keg truck but has a different customisation allowing you to carry up to three of the Sixth Barrel kegs at once.

All Magliner products can be built to your requirements. We have a large range of toe plates, frames, wheels, and handles not to mention a huge love of making unique products.

Lattice Frame Truck

The Lattice Frame Truck is ideal for making food or drinks deliveries. With either one or two lats (depending on your taste) down the middle of your frame it stops your load from falling through your hand truck.

Extended Nose Truck

The Extended nose truck is ideal for those with larger deliveries. These extensions can double the capacity you hand truck can carry in making your life easier and saving you precious time. More time means more money.

Film Truck 1

This bespoke Film truck is ideal for those making excursions while filming but need a quick and easy way to bring their screens, batteries, and other needs with them. It’s three toe plates at different heights make it a one-of-a-kind.

Film Truck 2

This is another of our bespoke film trucks. with an extra two wheels and a toe plate that is built to spec, this truck is perfect for rough and ready terrain. It can be used in the same manner as a hand truck or moved around in an upright position. The choice is yours.

All Magliner products are made with Aircraft grade aluminium and we give a 3 year warranty, excluding normal wear and tear.