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Steplift have created this section to help you design the Magliner Hand Truck that best suits your needs.

Magliner offer an extensive range of alternative handles, made from durable lightweight aluminium, for all your material handling needs, whether it’s replacing a handle, upgrading your existing cart or purchasing a new hand truck.

We’ve hand-picked our most popular handles that we stock.

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2. Scroll down to view our Frame options.

Handle 15C – High Vertical P Loop for Straight Frame 1

SKU: #300978

Handle 15C Curved – Curved Vertical P Loop for Curved Frame 5

SKU: #300977

Handle 16 Standard Double Pistol Grip

SKU: #86031

Loop handle 30 – 1300mm pistol grip handle 52”

SKU: #301137

Handle 19 U Loop Handle With Vinyl Sleeve

SKU: #301008


There are a wide assortment of Magliner frames on offer, whether your preference is a straight or curved back, we have chosen our most popular based on ergonomic evaluation and customer feedback.

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1. Select your preferred Frame (1).
2. Scroll down to view our Nose Plate options.

Framed 5 - Curved Back Moulded Crossbars

SKU: #300021

Basic Straight Back Frame 1

SKU: #300001

Straight lattice back for general use and transporting smaller packages.

SKU: #Contact Us

Folding Handtruck Frame – Fold No.1

SKU: #34939

Nose Plates

When it comes to Magliner nose plates there is a vast choice of sizes available that is sure to fit almost any load requirement. The nose-plates are either die-cast or extruded aluminium, the die-cast are ideal for freezers as are temperature resistant, wheras the extruded aluminium noses are excellent for scooping stacks and stair deliveries.

Here are our most popular nose-plates at Steplift:

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1. Select your preferred Nose Plate (1).

2. Scroll down to view our Wheel options.

AM nose with recessed heel is (14” x 7.5”) 350mm x 190mm

SKU: #300200

HM Aluminium Nose (14” x 12”) 350mm x 300mm

SKU: #300197

UM nose with recessed heel (18” x 7.5”) 455mm x 190mm

SKU: #300205

E1 Aluminium Nose With Cutouts (14" x 9”) 355mm x 230mm Fold

SKU: #300244

G1 Aluminium Nose With Cutouts (18” x 9”) 450mm x 230mm

SKU: #300245

G2 Nose W/O Cutouts (18" x 9”) 450mm x 230mm

SKU: #300248

K1 Aluminium Nose (16” x 12”) 400mm x 300mm

SKU: #300203

K2 Aluminium Nose (20” x 12”) 500mm x 300mm

SKU: #300215


The Magliner Wheels are non-marking and come with sealed semi-precision bearings and corrision-resitant hubs. There is a wide range of sizes and you can choose from 4-ply rated pneumatic wheels, microcellular foam-filled wheels or nitrogen-filled wheels.

Here are the most popular wheels recommended by Steplift, though please do not hesitate to contact us should you require an alternative.

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1. Select your preferred Wheel (2).

2. Scroll down to view our optional extras.

Rubber Wheel 1030 – 10” (250mm) Balloon Polyolefin Hub

SKU: #101030

Rubber Wheel 830 – 8” (200mm) Pneumatic Tyre

SKU: #10830

Pneumatic Wheel 1060 – 10” (250MM)

SKU: #121060

Puncture Proof Wheel 1010 - 10"(250mm) Microcellular Foam

SKU: #131010

Folding Noses and Extension Plates

Magliner have a great range of folding noses and extensions that can be added to your hand truck for the bulkier loads.

Here are Steplift’s favorites:

1. Select your preferred folding nose and extension plate.
2. Scroll down to view our optional accessories.

Folding Kit for Extruded Aluminum Noses
(Required if purchasing a Folding Nose)

SKU: #302541

F2 Extended Short Nose (20” x 12”) 500mm x 305mm
(Only available with magnesium nose plates AM, UM or HM)

SKU: #301025

F3 Extended Long Nose (30” x 12”) 762mm x 305mm
(Only available with magnesium nose plates AM, UM or HM)

SKU: #301026

F1 Extended Flat Nose (24” x 12”) 610mm x 305mm
(Only available with magnesium nose plates AM, UM or HM)

SKU: #301019

Hand Truck Accessories

Another reason that makes Magliner one of the world market leaders in hand trucks is not just the engineering modular design but the accessories that are available.

Whether you’re looking for a stair climber that makes it possible to glide over kerb or step with ease, an accessory bag that provides a secure place to carry items such as laptops and hand-held computers, or a keg hook that provides that additional stability.

Steplift has hand-picked our best-sellers:

1. Select your preferred accessories (mutiple choice available).
2. Scroll down to view our optional spare parts.

C5 Heavy-duty cast sliders with replaceable low-friction polymer skid bars. Tough and quiet.

SKU: #86006

13” long by 8” wide - ideal for hand-held parcel computers

SKU: #302680

16.5” long by 12” wide – great for vending supplies.

SKU: #302681

13” long by 8” wide - ideal for hand-held parcel computers.

SKU: #302683

5” hook used with the ‘barrel-style’ keg.

SKU: #32513

Mini Pallet (W21” x D14”, 18” wide opening) 533mm x 355mm, 457mm opening

SKU: #303210

Spare Parts

Need a repair or replacement part for your Magliner Hand Truck?

Steplift stock various different handles, frames and wheels to get your hand truck back in business and back out delivering.

Please contact us below if you are looking for a part that isn’t shown here.

1. Select your preferred spare part/s (mutiple choice available).
2. Scroll down to confirm request. 

Premium Sealed Ball Bearing for Hand Truck Wheels

SKU: #18055

C5 Stair Climber Kit

SKU: #86006

Mag-Loc Containment Anchor Kit

SKU: #302939

18 inch Standard Axle Kit

SKU: #224025

Wheel Bracket - Left Side

SKU: #210101

Wheel Bracket - Right Side

Frame Reinforcement

SKU: #302001

Frame Side Rail Cap

SKU: #302498

Vertical Strap Kit for 300042 Frame

SKU: #86355

Hand Truck Completion Kit #1

SKU: #301040

Hand Truck Fastener Pack, All Models

SKU: #301046

C5 Stair Climber Fastener Pack

SKU: #86048

Wear Strips Set Sliders for C5 staiclimber (2 piece set)

SKU: #302115

Pneumatic Wheel 1060 – 10” (250MM)

SKU: #121060

Tube for Pneumatic Wheels

SKU: #121060T

Mounting Bracket For Use With All Aluminium K1, K2, G2, Noses (For use with All Expect Fold Noses)

SKU: #86029

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