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The new e-CargoCart is a practical and easy to handle motorised hand truck that travels over challenging surfaces with ease. This motorised hand truck transports heavy loads of up to 250 kg up and down ramps comfortably under control. This motorised hand truck provides ergonomic comfort for all operatives in industry.

Once the motorised driving system is activated the operator can simply walk with a load, eliminating the need for pushing, twisting, and passing over obstacles. The load is moved without difficulty. The e-CargoCart is also superior on gravel driveways, cobblestones and other types of pavement where a manual hand truck would struggle.

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Capacity250 kg
Km pr. Charge3000m
Weight25 kg
Hill climb7%
Drive through width600mm
Battery Capacity Full load500 – 1500 m
Battery Capacity Half load750 – 2500 m
Max. Speed5.5 km/h
Weight Battery4 kg
Battery5 Ah
Voltage24 V DC (2x 12 VDC – 5 Ah)
Charger connectionDC ø 2,1 x 9,5
Current2.0 A
Fuse30 Amp


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