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The Gmohling Spring Loaded Base Trolley is an indispensable addition to any environment that requires constant unloading and reloading and/or intralogistics, such as Hospitals, Warehouses, Libraries, Nursing Homes.

The D 1408 Spring Loaded Base Trolleys are made from aluminium with a smooth surface that has been anodised and a top and bottom rim to protect the trolley and its surroundings. The container floor is freely suspended and guided in a parallel and torsion-free way by 8 x ball bearings.

The Spring Loaded Base Trolleys have solid rubber non-marking wheels, that come with swivelling castors for easier guidance.

Gmohling are innovative in their design, items are less likely to be damaged and the spring-loaded base trolleys encourages correct posture, decreasing back and spine issues and increases productivity.

Product Number: D 1408/180 VA D 1408/350 VA D 1408/350 VA
Roller Arrangement: D B D
Dimensions (Inside LxWxH) 740x510x485 1000x650x580 100x650x580
Dimensions (Outside LxWxH) 855x550x760 1115x690x855 1115x690x855
Volume (Litres) 180 380 380
Wheel (mm) 125 125 125
Spring Force (kg) 50 70 25
Castor Type 4 x swivel 4 x swivel 4 x swivel
Product Number: D 1408/350A SC, VA D 1408/180 CA D 1408/350 CA
Roller Arrangement: A D D
Dimensions (Inside LxWxH) 1000x650x580 740x510x485 1000x650x580
Dimensions (Outside LxWxH) 1115x690x855 845x540x760 1105x680x855
Volume (Litres) 380 180 380
Wheel (mm) 125 125 125
Spring Force (kg) 50 25 25
Castor Type 4 x swivel 4 x swivel 4 x swivel

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