The Impox 70 is a delightfully light and elegant lifter that can lift, move and handle loads up to 70kg. This lifter is ideal for environments with stricter hygiene requirements as the legs, handles and all accessorises / tools are made from stainless steel. The control unit (used for lifting/lowering) is made of plastic and the wheels are ESD and food-approved.

The Impox 70 is a great solution for those slightly more challenging environments which require a lifter.

Lifter Type 70S 70L 70M
Capacity (kg) 70 70 70
Lifting Height (mm) 977 1272 1672
Mast Height (mm) 1217 1512 1912
Speed (mm/sec) 125 125 125
Batteries (voltage/AH) 24/7.2 24/7.2 24/7.2
Weight (Kg) 29 30 32