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Optional Extras for Kongamek’s KM8000 Trolley Range.

The ladder designed for the KM8000 serie trolley range with a load capacity of 125kg.


KM8000 Ladder


A Gate to one side for the KM8000-3L and KM8000-3XL Trolleys.

Product codes: KM8000-3LG and KM8000-3XLG.

Steplift KM8000 trolley gate

A Gate to one side for the KM8000-4L and KM8000-4XL Trolleys.

Product codes: KM8000-4LG and KM8000-4XLG.

Steplift KM8000 trolley gate

Shelf Divider to fit the KM8000 serie trolley range.

Shelf divider for KM8000 troller range

Shelf designed for the KM8000 Trolley Range, options include;

Product Code: Accessory Properties:
KM8000-SH Shelf for KM8000-S
KM8000-MH Shelf for KM8000-M
KM8000-LH Shelf for KM8000-L
KM8000-XLH Shelf for KM8000-XL


Shelf for KM8000 trolley range

Leaning shelf for trolleys in the Serie 8000 Range.

KM8000 leaning shelf

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