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The 4-Bottle Tray Truck is a great solution designed and built by Magliner for your bottled water delivery requirements. This tray truck is made of aircraft-grade aluminum making it sturdy and long-lasting, yet still the lightest in the industry.

The 4-Bottle Tray Truck has a load capacity of 225kg and converts to hold a range of boxes and bottles.

Steplift offers a 3-year warranty excluding normal wear and tear.

4-Bottle Tray Truck 128-HM-1060 BW
Overall width 21″
Tires 10″ pneumatic
300197 nose plate* 14″ wide x 12″ deep die-cast
Capacity 500 lbs. 4 five-gallon water bottles
Weight 28 lbs.

*12″ deep nose plate required.

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