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The Jack ’n’ Roll Flexible is a new innovative transporting system from Steplift Ltd. It allows operators to move heavy loads over long distances safely, and manoeuvre them in tight places by making the device multidirectional when disengaging the one directional wheel locking device.

Key Safety Features

  • 4 specially designed adjustable straps: Each strap is equipped with a quick-release E-track system and surplus strap holder.
  • Can be operated easily by 1 person using a drag machine, like a Movexx drag machine over long distances.
  • 2 people can easily push over short distances and manipulate and position large Server Racks in tight places, by disengaging the one directional system.
  • 8 heavy-duty polyurethane non-marking wheels with a one-directional locking system for long distances and a multidirectional system for positioning Server Racks in tight areas.
  • 6 bags attached to hold the straps and the nylon spacers.The Spacer System is to aid moving all types of server racks with different ground clearances.
  • Rapid hydraulic jack replacement system for Zero downtime.
  • Capacity 2,200kg with the ability to increase the capacity with higher capacity wheels available if required.
  • 4 Nylon stabilising blocks that can be used when changing broken wheels on server racks.
Jack ‘n’ Roll Flexible: 91kg
Front Trolley: 46kg
Rear Trolley: 37kg
Height: 988mm
Width: 712mm
Length (Individual Trolley): 290mm
Length (Trolleys Attached): 490mm
Maximum Load Dimensions (LxW): 2500mm x 1000mm


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