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Protect your workers, Protect your product – Pick the Rack Handler

The Rack Handler is an attachable handling system ergonomically designed for manually moving racks over long distances and in tight areas. It allows operators to quickly attach handles onto any rack within seconds. This quick and effective piece of equipment that leaves the operator with improved control over heavy server racks.

Key Features include:

  • Ergonomic handles with anti-slip grips for extra control
  • Telescopic frame to suit different sized racks
  • Spring loaded bolt to secure the telescopic feature
  • Extra safe rubber housing to protect your rack at all time during use
  • Unique rachet system to hold both brackets in place with adjustable male and female hooking system

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Load: 2500 kg

1500mm Long x 980mm Wide

Welded and Bolted

Weight: 6.5kg
Rack Handler Dimensions: 662–960mm Long (Adjustable)x 122mm Wide
Maximum Load Dimensions
Material: Mild Steel


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