The Impact 200 is a hardworking lifter designed to lift, move and handle items up to 200kg, and comes with an additional option of exchangeable batteries that can make this lifter operational for 24 hours a day, every day.

The Impact 200 provides many new opportunities in production lines with the extensive range of electrical tools on offer. The range of both manual and electric lifting tools available with this lifter come in various sizes and materials.

Type 200L 200M 200H
Capacity (kg) 200 200 200
Lifting Height (mm) 1232 1641 2041
Mast Height (mm) 1567 1976 2376
Speed (mm/sec) 125 125 125
Batteries (voltage/AH) 24/9 24/9 24/9
Weight (Kg) 55 57 59

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