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The Sano Liftkar Sal Uni resembles the classic hand truck except motorised and with 2 speed settings, being able to climb up to 48 steps per minute. This Stairclimber was designed especially for transporting water canisters, drink crates, copier paper and folders.

The Sal Uni is able to handle loads of up to 170kg so let this Stairclimber take the strain, not your back.

Type Uni 110 Uni 140 Uni 170
Weight  15,5kg  15,5kg  15,5kg
Weight (w/battery)  17,1kg  17,1kg  17,1kg
Climbing speed


approx. 48 approx. 35 approx. 29
Max Step Height 210 mm 210 mm 210 mm
Max Load 110kg 140kg 170kg


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