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Platform Trucks

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Rotacaster Wheels


The Rotacaster Wheel, an omni directional, multi-purpose wheel with unrivalled manoeuvrability, unlimited potential and one of the only alternatives to the traditional floor swivel castor. Realising the wheel’s potential to make life quicker, easier and safer across a broad range of applications, in 2008 Rotacaster hit the market with a series of manual handling products.

Transport Trolleys and Cases


Quality through tradition. Made in Germany is synonymous with quality and durability. Gmohling therefore create every piece with this in mind. They provide a wide range of trolleys, equipment cases and even spring loaded trolleys. With over 70 years of experience you are really buying into a long-lasting tradition and ethos with these products.

Electric Lifters

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Hovmand develops, produces and markets efficient battery-powered lifters in aluminium and steel for lifting and moving of reels, drums and boxes. They supply lifters to a long range of the world’s leading companies in pharmaceuticals, food production, manufacturing, packaging, services and distribution.

Steplift providing you with all your Warehouse needs

Steplift are proud to introduce the Kongamek range. With a large range of warehouse solutions you can now come to Steplift for all your warehousing needs with everything from combi-trolleys to platform trucks and beyond.

For more information on what is available feel free to click on the Kongamek link.


Steplift's Very Own Data Centre Management System

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Our Top Products

Steplift have a range of different products. Here are our top sellers.

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    Magliner Hand Trucks

    Being famous for our hand trucks, we build a huge range of bespoke hand trucks. Our specialties being traditional hand trucks for couriers, delivery men, and general use. We also are known for our film hand trucks and bouncy castle hand trucks.

  2. 2
    Sano and Escalera Stairclimbers

    The days of having four people carry heavy loads up a stairs are gone. Our top of the range stairclimbers turn a four man job into a one man job. Allowing our customers to save money and time, which in turn increases productivity all while adhering to health and safety standards.

  3. 3
    MoveXX Drag/Push Machines

    MoveXX’s creative and innovative designs have lead to one of the industries best and most dynamic drag/push machines which can carry loads on wheels from 1 ton up to a weight of 6 tons depending on the machine you choose. These machines are quick and easy to use.

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    Telesteps Ladders

    Looking for a 3.8m ladder that will fit in the passenger seat of a Nissan Micra? Telesteps create a range of compact, telescopic ladders. Being the original telescopic ladder you can be assured that every ladder is tested to health and safety regulations, while every customer is guaranteed a top quality product.

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    Jack 'N' Roll

    Steplift’s very own creation. The Jack ‘N’ Roll is a two-unit moving system where you strap one dolly to each end of a load. Built to move loads up to two tonnes from one place to another. The ideal product for moving loads that have no wheels, for example safes, fridges, and vending machines to name but a few.



Our Products




Quality Guaranteed

When you buy from Steplift, we can guarantee nothing short of the best quality material handling goods on the market.



Steplift proudly offer full certified training on all of the products that the sell. Training is provided by a Fetac Level 6 qualified Trainer. Ensuring that the people who we provide products to, know how to use them in a safe and controlled manner.



We travel frequently to a range of different customers to demonstrate just how effective our products are.


Research and Development

We customize almost every product we sell so that it suits our customers application. If you have a need we can be certain to find a cost effective solution.


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