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Steplift Solutions: HSE

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Problem: Our Lady’s Hospital in Navan came to Steplift with a problem. The hospital employees needed to carry a large volume of files across the hospital grounds quickly and efficiently with minimal strain.

The trolley would need to be durable and weather proof as the files would have to be brought between buildings across the hospital grounds. The box holding the files would also need to be customised to hold specific types of files. The solution would also need to include non-marking wheels as the hospital floors could not be damaged.

Solution: After collaboration with Movexx and the team in Our Lady’s Hospital in Navan, we devised a customised integrated file mover for the hospital. The Movexx P300 Machine with customised box for carrying files successfully met all of the teams requirements. The solution was customised to be fully automated, eliminating any strain on the operative. The customised water proof stainless steel box was complete with protective foam integrated into the bottom of the box to protect the files. The wheels were durable enough to travel across rough terrain yet they did not mark the Hospital floor.

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