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Health and Safety 101

Health and safety

It’s funny how it works today. Most people in the business of material handling completely overlook health and safety procedures.

It might be a confidence issue or a thing of self belief, yet when dealing with most big corporations health and safety is one of the biggest issues that comes to mind before you buy material handling equipment.

Today I’m gonna shed some light on why health and safety is worth paying attention too. Well maybe not health and safety more so as common sense, which seems to be lacking in most of these incidents.

How and ever, it’s not for most to worry about. It is however, for all to enjoy.

  • ALWAYS be aware of your surroundings…


  • Don’t try anything stupid, unless you’re this guy….


Bobcats were made for this guy and this guy only.

If you just search online you will find in seconds some of the funniest fails, and biggest feats of stupidity. One side of the coin is highly entertaining… the other being fear that we are well on our way to ‘Idiocracy’.